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Force GS 360GB - Slow Write Speeds


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Reads look great, but writes look about 50% of what they should be.


AHCI mode


Write Caching Enabled

SATA 3 port w/SATA 3 cable

Clean Windows 7 install ~2 months ago, first time I benchmarked the drive







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Is the drive plugged into a Intel SATA III port?

Have you tried a different SATA data cable and motherboard port?

Latest BIOS?


Yes, plugged into Intel SATA 3 port.


Disabled virus scanner and unplugged CD-ROM for benchmarking:

Just switched to known good SATA 3 cable for my other PC - no difference in performance.

Tried the other MB SATA 3 port - no difference in performance.

Tried Marvell SATA 3 port - as expected, performance went down - write speed was the same, read speed decreased.


Checked BIOS from MB website - I am on latest BIOS version.


In ATTO, it's strange that the read and write speed looks good up to 64K (and is 450K+ @64K)... and then write speed goes down.


Is this poor write speed normal for this drive or do I have a problem?


I dont want to benchmark my drive to death... Can someone with a GS 360GB drive post their results. I can only find GS 240GB drive performance results - and that drive has great write results.

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Secure erase the drive with Parted magic and reinstall Windows. Then run ATTO and see if the results are better.


Note: a secure erase will permanently delete all data on the drive. It should also restore the drive's performance.

That will be VERY time intensive as this is my work PC and has a large number of my applications on it. And i have no guarantee that after a few months of use it wont be in the same place - as I built this PC just 2 months.


If i have to spend all that time reinstalling windows/drivers/applications, i'll get another mfg's drive first.


Very frustrated with this drive :mad:

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I can do that but I understood an image copy/restore can slow down an SSD.


Also, two questions:

1) I am using the Intel RST driver (v11.6 or 11.7 - no diff in performance)... does this drive perform better with the MSACHI driver?


2) Can I plug this drive in my other PC... which has another mfg's SSD working perfectly - to rule out any hardware issues with this PC.

Note both PCs' SSD drives are boot drives, so what happens if I plug this drive into the other PC, and then when I plug it back into the original PC?



And thank you for your help Toasted.

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1. I don't think the MSAHCI drivers would have better performance than the Intel ones. But you are free to try it.


2. Yes, make sure the other SSD is set to boot first. Not the Corsair drive.


When you plug it back into the original PC, it should boot like normal.


But just in case anything goes wrong, backup your important data.

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