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H80i Cooling Problems


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So tonight I just installed the H80i Cooler. However, within minutes of turning on my system, it is overheating and shutting down.


I can hear the pump start up when it starts kicking water through the system when I first power on. Both fans are running properly. The light on the pump comes on. I removed it to make sure it was getting proper contact with the CPU and it was because the CPU had full thermal paste coverage from contact. The back plate is not wobbly at all once the pump is installed. It is all nice and tightly connected.


Kind of at a loss here. I can't even stay powered on long enough to get the Corsair Link setup to check anything. Before I reseated the pump, one tube was warm/hot to the touch, the other tube was cool. This time upon running it, both tubes feel like they are about the same temperature.


Any advice? I don't think the cooler is faulty, because like I said as far as I can tell, its all running, but who knows at this point. I've been messing with it for the last 3 hours now.

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First thing I would check is if you have complete contact between the coldplate of the pump and the CPU - make sure that there are no capacitors that could be preventing the coldplate to make a full contact on to the CPU. Maybe reseating the pump and reapplying a thermal paste might help. Another thing to check is the pump's rpm in BIOS, see if it's running around ~2000rpm. I would also make sure that the SATA power connector is properly seated.
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