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M65 and K95 Software


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I am looking to buy both these in the next few weeks or so when they become available here in the UK.


Reading all these posts all over the internet about the poor drivers is making me think twice, especially regarding the mouse.


My question is, and I would love to hear back from a Corsair employee. Will you guys be releasing these new products with new functioning software to go with them?


I am going to be building a full system in the summer with the release of Intel Haswell CPUs and I am thinking of going down a Corsair theme. But do not want to do this is at the expense of getting frustrated with software issues because Corsair decide to release a second wave of products with shoddy software.


Last time I really wanted to buy the Corsair GT SSDs but they took so long to release them with delay after delay after actually going to press with them, I lost patience and went for an M4. That was not a great experience. But other than that I have always used Corsair RAM and consider Corsair a premium brand that I happily pay more for the quality. Hope you guys do not let me down again.

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well I am not a corsair employee but i have owned the M65 for 3 weeks now and I have had no problems at all with the software or drivers. before I connected the mouse I downloaded the newest software from corsairs M65 page. the M65 is a great mouse and I like it better than any others I have owned. it even worked perfect before I installed the corsair software, windows saw the mouse and it was up and running. total time it took me was about 3mins and I was playing BF3.
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