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Need help with cables


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$20 for 1 cable? thats really my only option?

Not the only option, this isn't much less expensive




The HX620 pcie cable is what I call a straight 6, the same connector is used at both ends ( Revision 1, no 6+2 or 8 pin pcie cables came with it )

If you're handy ;

You can basically take any 6 wire modular pcie cable and replace the psu end, if neccessary, with the 6 pin connector from the molex to pcie adapter that comes with the card ( Google " ATX pin removal " )

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I was told I couldnt use any 6pin cable aside from corsair from the exact model I have. I'm pretty dissapointed this is how its turning out. Back when I bought the unit they were giving out cables left and right and now that I actually need one Im out of luck. I can get a new 650w psu for $65 on newegg, i find it upsetting that a single cable would cost 1/3 the price of a new unit.

It's not completely correct, if you know what you are doing

Yep, got an 8 pin pcie by calling them

Probably isn't going to be the same quality, unless they're running a deal I don't know about


Do you have both original 6 pin cables ?

If yes, just use a 6 pin to 8 pin adapter on one


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