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24pin AXi diagram


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I really need help. I am now very confused.


I started sleeving my AX760i Cables and took out two cables at the same time. I thought the cables on the 24 pin socket correspond directly to the cables in the 12 and 14 pin sockets.


However, on my next pair of cables I noticed they were flipped. Or were they? Now I and extremely confused.


Would be great if someone could post a cabling diagram for the 24pin -> 12 + 14 pin on the AXi Power Supplies.


Bearing in mind they are different from AX supplies.


I would be VERY VERY grateful!

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This is a request for help from AX1200 Or AXi users.


I have just been sleeving my 24 pin cable on my AX760i and I have run into an issue.


I am using this cabling diagram:




As you can see it clearly slows all the cables. (NOTE: It shows the headers from the side the wires go into the connector)


One thing I did not take into consideration is that 2 of the wires coming out of the 24 pin connector are thin.


I took note of one of them; the "Pin 8 on the 24 pin connector" to "Pin 1 on the 10 pin connector". (Please confirm the for me too)


However, the second thin wire comes out of "Pin 13 on the 24 pin connector" as two wires. One is thick, 1 is thin. I have no idea if the thin wire then goes to "Pin 8 on the 14 pin connector" or "Pin 6 on the 10 pin connector".


Could someone please check this for me on their power supply cable. I would be VERY grateful!




EDIT: All you need to do to check is see where the two small cables come in on the PSU connector side of things. I just need the two pin numbers for the thin cables. No need to follow them or even unplug anything. Just check on your PSU where the two thinner cables came in and give me the pin numbers.


In fact it would be enough to tell me if 2 thin cables come into the the 10 pin connector or just 1.

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The AX1200 does not use the same wiring configuration as the AX*i series.




AX*i Platinum 24 pin main power cable - http://www.massgate.eu/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/AXi-01-2013-24PIN.png


Thanks for that diagram.


But the AXi and AX1200 24 pin cable is exactly the same wiring. Look at the diagram you sent me and the one I linked on top.


Not all the wires are the same ofc but the 24 pin is.


Thanks for all your help!

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That goes against all the information provided in this site and what technobeard said


According to the compatibility chart the the standard and AXI series are not compatible.


I'm really hoping for you in this case that cable is not to be read as AXi only.




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