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TX850M - cant handle 5xHDD + DVD ???


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Hello all!


Few days ago I got my TX850M back. It was on the warranty service. They send me brand new one.


Before that I bought TX750 v2. Everything was OK. It was working nice (there were few blue screens and random shut downs, but not so often). Also my RAID driver went down on the motherboard.


Yesterday I changed the PSU and installed the TX850M one. And it went bad. Random shut downs and then cant turn it on (had to completly remove electic wire, wait some time, that plug again and it could be turned on), blue screens at windows start up, RAM problems (i have 4 x 2 GB but I could only run 2 x 2 GB). Yetsreday I also installed fifth Hard drive (now i have 5x 7200 rpm HDD + BluRay DVD) and when I installed i could not power on the PC. When I unpluged one of the HDDs or DVD from the PSU I could start the PC. So I tried to change the PSU to the old one (6months old TX750 v2) and it worked OK! It worked with 5 x HDD + DVD connected and with 4 x RAM banks. There r still blue screens but i can power up the PC.


Is the 850W weaker? maybe it cant run on the same power cable? also I had to use one additional modular 4pin cable with the adapter (4pin > SATA power) to get DVD pluged becouse the cables are too short for my case. So its connected like this:


first 4 x SATA cable from PSU --> 3 x HDD

second 4 x SATA cable from psu ----> 2 x HDD

additional 4pin via SATA power adapter ---> DVD


I hope you guys will be able to understand anything from this (very sorry for my english :( ).

Best regards! :)

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