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Cooling Nodes & Ram Interfaces


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I have a few separate questions for you all.


First, how many watts or amps per fan plug can the Cooling Node power? not the whole module, but just a single fan plug... how much can that plug output safely?


Second, how would I interface my Corsair Dominators, or Dominator Platinums with the Corsair Link main module? Is that done through the Airflow Pro? Could the Airflow Pro be modified to go on the back panel of my case, and not actually cover the ram?

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Wait... Where would the Link connector plug in? The little white port? I don't see anywhere else...




Edit: Oh, I see... The cable is special, and only fits that white port. Okay then, I guess I will write this down for later.


Also, when I get my Airflow Pro units, I'm gonna check out what the 2 chips towards the bottom are... And if they are just LED controllers, I will seriously consider chopping the whole bottom part of the board off... I only need the part that connects the ram to the Corsair Link... Which should actually be a very small component... So we will see.

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