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Im SICK of this piece of crap corsair vengeance 2000


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This is my 5th problem with this piece of crap, IT whas beeping last night so I took my cable to recharge it however when I pluged the cable in both the blue and amber light lit up not blinking but solid lights (both blue and red) couldn't do a thing, couldnt disable it nor anything. so I let it drain overnight, when I returned I pluged the cable back in, everything seemd to be working BUT the Power on button doesn't work no matter what I try. IM SICK OF THIS **** :mad: this is my 5th problem on this piece of cheap crap. :mad: :mad: :mad:


And I don't like sending my headset for an rma and leave me without any sound on my pc for weeks.

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you are encouraged to call customer service and arrange an advanced RMA on Monday.

they will send you a new headset BEFORE you send yours back.

since this will be your 2nd or 3rd RMA they will pay postage both ways in most cases.

please hang in there, Corsairs CS is one of the best in the business.

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