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k90 some key combinations not playing back properly.


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so I've had my k90 since it came out and think its a great keyboard. while I do use it for gaming some of the time, its mostly my CAD work keyboard. the g keys are great for most things.


The problem I am having is with alt codes. If i press alt and hold it then press 233 on the number pad, when I release the alt key I get Θ. however if this is programmed into the board it doesn't playback properly. I'm not sure if the number pad keys are playing back as normal numbers or arrow, or exactly what is going on.


all drivers are up to date.


any help would be appreciated.

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Does the macro have delays in it? If so, remove them and the Alt+XXX should work fine.


Right click the G-KEY you want to assign ALT+233 and click delete. This will remove any changes made and restore it to stock (empty).


Click Delay Options and tick "Ignore Delays". (This will remove delays when you record your macro)


Click the MR button > G-KEY, press and hold Alt+ type the numbers from the number pad. Once complete, click the MR button to stop the macro record.


You have configured the G-KEY to the shortcut key. Next, you'll need to save it to the K90.


To do this,

Click "Manage Profiles" > Save to K90 and tick hardware playback.



Test the macro using Notepad or something similar and see if it works.

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