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Playstation 3 (PS3) support for K90


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I have just bought a K90 hoping to use it as a usb keyboard with my PS3.


The keyboard is recognised but the only keys that work are: aAdcCbB


The keyboard seems to work fine when plugged into a Macbook pro. I've update the firware to v.1.19 but this issue still persists.


The PS3 works fine when a cheap USB portable keyboard is attached, just not with the K90.


Any suggestions on what to try?

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Ok, very strange but I tried recording some macros with the keyboard connected to a windows machine and then set the keyboard into hardware playback mode.


Now when I connect the keyboard back up to the PS3 I have the same problem - only AaBbCcd work on the keyboard. However, the macros I recorded to G1, G9 & G12 work and send the keys "121" "X" and "XXXXXAX" which I recorded earlier even though I can't actually send 1,2,or X by pressing the real keys on the keyboard - only via the recorded Macros.


What is going on? :mad:

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Nothing in the PS3 settings that makes any difference. USB keyboards are supposed to be simple plug & play devices. Looks like the K90 has strayed too far away from the standards to be of any use here. Shame, really nice board but I think mine will be on its way back to the retailer unless support have any further bright ideas.


PS3 settings are confined to keyboard type (English UK, English US, Japanese etc.), key repeat speed and key repeat delay. Played around with all three to no avail.


I just really don't get why the physical keys don't work yet the replay macros can send any keystrokes I like. Really makes no sense to me unless its a really nasty firmware bug/design flaw. If only I had another 90 Gxx keys I'd have a working keyboard! Another weird thing that might help: the three led indicators on the top - backlight, caps and scroll lck (I presume). The backlight one always behaves as expected, but the other two are random - sometimes both on, sometimes both off - never change status when the relevant keys are pressed. Both work ok under windows 7, don't think they light up at all under Mac OS Mountain Lion, yet the board is functional on the Mac.

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Ok, some digging around today suggests that "advanced" keyboards like this that implement NKRO (N-Key Roll Over) experience problems.


Other manufacturers boards that work either don't have 20 key rollover at all or provide a hardware switch to select "standard" 6+4 key rollover.


My K90 is on its way back to my retailer for refund as it had a hardware LED fault on one of the keys. I don't know whether to wait for the K95 or just go with another manufacturer.


This BIOS key discussed for the K95, what exactly does it do? Does it disable the advanced rollover functions so the board presents as a standard USB device?

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