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Corsair Vengeance 2000 Cracked


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Hi Everyone,


I bought the headset back in Oct 2012 and recently started using them regularly and absolutely loved them. Unfortunately the right headband plastic cracked about a week back so I made the rma request and it was approved after a call to the customer service. I also asked for a prepaid shipping label since I live in Canada and its probably better for me to just buy a new headset instead of paying for the shipping myself. It's been 2 days since I made the request but haven't heard anything from Corsair support yet.


My Case # is 5585361 . Please check if something can be done for the shipping label. Also I read in the forum that I can request for the advanced rma as well. What's the procedure for that?


Btw I am a loyal Corsair customer and have always trusted it with memory modules and have recently bought SP-2500 speakers and neutron gtx 240 as well.

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You'll have to wait until Monday (PST) before Corsair can reply.


Usually, for first RMAs, you pay shipping to Corsair and Corsair pays shipping for the replacement unit back to you. If the replacement arrives faulty, contact customer service via phone and they should handle the situation.


To request an advanced RMA, that too requires you to call customer service via phone. An advanced RMA means you'll receive your replacement unit first, then you send your faulty unit back. Note an advanced RMA requires a valid CC.


You can call customer service via their toll-free number on Skype.

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