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building a new comp need the ramguy to pick my memory!


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it's build a new system time again and I find myself trying to relearn everything after some years of not paying attention at all.


I'm going to get

Intel Core i7-3770K




and the memory finder gave me way too many choices to make a decision.


what is my best bet for corsair memory? I've always had great performance from this brand and would like to stick with it.


my system is going to run windows 7 and be used primarily for gaming and streaming with some multimedia usage such as 1080p movie watching.


I'm not sure if I should go with 8gig or 16gig or what speed/model I should go with. any help and explanation of choices would be greatly appreciated and directly apply to the computer I will use for some years to come!




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You can look up your MB in this page and it will give you a list of modules tyhat are compatible. Just keep in mind the actual speed that you can run the memory at will be highly dependent on the CPU.


If this is going to be a 24/7 use machine then I would suggest going no higher than 2133mhz and possible less if you plan on overclocking the CPU


The Vengeance series is about the best choie though. That series was designed and tested on the Sandy/Ivybridge CPU and will run at the overclocked settings at just 1.5v. So for your machine I would suggest an 1866mhz kit of the capacity of your choice. It would be a nice little overclock and performance boost over stock set memory

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I am not replying because I am having the same issue and would like feedback on a new bild

Intel DZ68BC

i5 2550 CPU 2nd generation

I need to find out what memory is compatible would like to install 16GB Corsair Mem,my board is not listed in the memory configurator. It stated that 1600Mhz will not be compatible with 2nd Gen

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Any of the Vengeance kit would be perfect for that system.


And yes, you could run 1600mhz memory in that system The configurator just shows a list of kit's that HAVE been tested with that MB. Not that there are no ther kits that you could use.


The Vengeance or Dominator kits that run at 1600mhz @1.5v would be the ticket!

Here is a couple of examples




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