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HX850 fan noise under load.


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I just bought a nice new HX850 (UK) & the voltages are great & I can't fault it for that...


My issues is with the 140mm fan & the controller, when playing games & using the GPU or under small load, the fan is so loud I can hear it over my headphones, its like its running at 100% even thought the system load is not that high for the PSU to manage ?


See spec. No overclock on CPU or GPU & stock cooler on due to my H100 being RMA. HDD unplugged, just running Mobo (inc Ram & CPU), GPU, Fans, 2 USB & 2 PCI-E devices).


I've tried turning the PSU over so the fan is facing up & that just made it louder, I have a 200mm fan on the side of my TT level 10 GT that I can face the fins to the top of the PSU so it can be cooled even more but its the same & what seem to be running 100% speed ?


The noise is louder that anything else within the system, even over the three 200mm fan on MAX !


Now, is this a fault with this PSU & a new one would fix it or are they all the same ?

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You're not alone. They're all the same. I have an HX750 and it does exactly as you explained. Mine was so loud that I had to reinstall my GS800 v1. As of now, mine is in an RMA process but when the new one comes in, it's getting sold and I'm keeping my GS800. I can sacrifice doing extra cable management for a quiet PSU as a trade off for a loud but modular PSU.
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Hi there...


Thanx for updating me, I'm waiting for my online retailer to get back to me. Corsair have responded to me & have said they will replace it but would like me to go through the retailer...


Got to say I can not believe the sound this PSU makes over the rest of my other components & fans ! Its just not right that a PSU would make such a noise, a GFX card yes but a PSU ????


I must say thought that Corsair have been great with any replacements (apart for shipping it to Holland).

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