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Issues with my new AX760i


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I recently built a new computer.

Since I am very happy with the AX650 i am using in my old computer, I decided to go for the AX760i for the new one. Considering how expensive this PSU is, I think the issues I have are somewhat annoying.

I have two main issues:


#1 In Quiet mode, the fan will speed up for a second or two every now and then. This happens more frequently under heavier load, but since my computer is always at at least some load, it never goes away completely. It sounds kind of like starting a (very quiet) vespa, and through Link i can see how the fan speeds up for a few short moments. What I would like is basically to deactivate the fan completely up to lets say 50% load, since my case is very cool (cpu is 45 degrees).


#2 Every now and then, the PSU will make a rather loud "clicking" noice. This happens only when gaming, and is actually very annoying since it does not go away even when fan is kept at 40%.


I need this computer to run 24/7, so if I have to RMA the psu ill have to get another one in the meanwhile...

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Sure, just use the linkon the left to request an rma. Once you receive your RMA number you will have to call CS and request an advanced RMA. But you will need to call them for security reasons. They can not be arranged here on the forums


If you are outside the us you can instal and use SKYPE to make the call to the toll free number for nothing. You can find that number on the main website page at the bottom under contact.

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