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H80 Problem :(


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Hello everyone, I' am new here,unfortunately I ran into a little issue today.


So I would like to be specific as possible, I used to own a Phenom II processor and until today I got me a new FX 8350 processor,so I took out my H80 unit took out old processor and put in new one with new thermal paste and put the H80 back in place just like I did the first time.


I plugged in the fans into the pump, plugged the pump into the molex power supply connector,and plugged the pump into the CPU FAN slot in the motherboard.


I turn on the computer only to find out my H80 does not work,to be specific the fans nor the pump turn on, you know the pump has the 3 setting lights, well none of them work,so I immediately turn the computer off because I am afraid of burning the CPU and I got it today and it won't get covered in warranty if I fry it.


So my questions is,is my unit dead? I mean before I took it off, I turned on the computer to check something,then after that it didn't work, I made sure it was in place, I made sure the fans were plugged into the pump, the molex connection was hooked to the power supply connectors, I even changed to a diff connector and nothing, I tried diff cpu fan connector,nothing.


I hope my unit did not just die on me out of nowhere, I bought the unit back on October 1st 2012 so it is just a few months old, and it worked flawlessly until today. Right now I am using my old heatsink but I mean once you use Corsair H80 Liquid Cooling you can't go back to air cooling!


I was hoping to OC my new 8350 but now with air I don't think I will be able to do this. Are there any other suggestions I could try? I doubt I overlooked something, I spent 90 minutes trying, I even used a different fan to see if it was the fans,but like I said it worked before I even started.


Please,any help is greatly appreciated, I hope that my unit is not dead,and there is another way around this.


PS : I did use a wrist strap and made sure I was grounded before,during,and after the installation.


update : So i went back and i brabbed the h80, and i plugged it into the molex connector while having it my hand,the block and the radiator, and i felt vibrating in the hose and block,meaning it turns on,but what doesnt turn on is the lights on the block,the lights for the fan speeds. Any suggestions?

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try another usb port,also look at the pins on the molex connector to insure their fitting properly.if it just worked then it must be in a connection point.,specifically the molex plug.

also the m/b has overheating protection so it will shut down before damage is done

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what do you mean by try another usb port, and I did try using other molex connectors, I do not know at this point what could have caused it to stop working suddenly, i doubt it was static because I was grounded with my strap.


Ok so I tried another molex connector, 3 different ones actually,same result, I feel vibration in the hose and block,but nothing else,the lights do not come on, and I plug in one of the fans to the block and it does not power on,at this point I give up, I guess my H80 is dead and there is nothing I can do about it.


I did ground myself and I find it very odd that it stopped working out of nowhere,replacing the cpu took me 5 minutes. Very weird.

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