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Potential Issue with a CX750M Builder

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Hi All


I didnt want to raise an RMA if this problem isnt a big one so I was hoping it was ok to just seek a quick answer (RMA or NO RMA) from here!


I just brought a CORSAIR CX750M Builderseries PSU and I was just wondering about a potential issue i have with it and whether anyone recognises the symptoms in general.


Got everything unboxed and plummed into my base unit, everything powers up and for the last few days ive have been using my system fine.


However from the outset the PSU makes, what i can only describe as, a high pitched whine/squeak when the hard drive is reading heavily.


This usually occurs on bootup and the initial time in windows, as i speak im in Windows and its stopped doing it and the HDD is going quite a lot anyways.


As I type this there is a few odd squeaks but for the most part its stopped!


When im playing games and the GPU is drawing as normal there is no evidence of the squeak at all.


Ive read a few articles that have spoken about something called "Coil Whine" but I have no idea....


Thank you for your time!

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You will get some automated emails just ignore these asking you to send the unit at your expense as I have asked our customer service to take care of the shipping since the unit is less that thirty days old, so they should contact you shortly with more details. And I have also requested that the unit you have be sent back to the Main office for testing.
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Having checked the status with UPS the last message I had from them was the following.


The customer was not available on 3rd attempt / Package abandoned by the sender and the receiver


This was odd as they havent tried 3 times only the once!


Having spoken to UPS to complain, as i was in all day yesterday, they have said that the package collection was abandoned and this is usually down to being unable to bill the company that submitted the request.


They have said that I would need to contact the company who submitted the original label request (ie you) regarding this to submit another label for collection.


Please advise if this is possible, as the power supply is still sat on my living room floor!


Many Thanks

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