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AX860i fan controller problem?


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I recently 24/1/2013 bought a AX860i PSU from a local store here in Greece.

The problem with it is that the fan starts spinning at high RPM for about 2-3 seconds and then stops again.


This happens (less frequently) even if the PC is idle and with the tempratures in the PSU never reaching higher than 40oC (as reported by corsair link).


This is all with link 2.2.0 and the profile is set to quiet or even without link.

The problem is that i have these really loud noises every 30 seconds and the fan seems to go up as high as 1500rpm for no apparent reason.


The system i use is a core i7 3770k with gtx670 and at idle there should be no reason (according to your stated specifications) for the fan to start.


The room temprature is below 20oC and i have even tried the PSU outside of the case without any change to it's behaviour.


This sound like a fan controller issue to me so.

Should i open an RMA and send it back to you?




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