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Setting multiple keys to one macro on K90.


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I recently got my K90 in the mail and was trying to set my G1 key. I tried setting it to LShift+Enter. But I really couldn't figure out how to do it. So I tried this.




That is a bind for my Steam overlay in Steam games. Didn't work at all, what am I doing wrong? How do I bind double keys to one macro? Thanks!

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Press the MR key > G1 and press LShift+Enter and the software should record it. Once you are done, click the MR button again to stop the recording.


Next, you'll need to save it to the K90.

Click " Manage Profiles" > Save to K90 > Tick hardware playback. and test the key.

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Make sure you also enable ignore delays so its a simultaneous keypress combination. There should be no delay between pressing both buttons for the macro playback to simulate it properly.


As for the recording, you should be first enabling ignore delays, then hit MR -> G Key -> Shift + Enter -> Hit MR to stop, and then doing what Toasted recommended to save it to the K90. Make sure anytime you save to the keyboard, hardware playback is unchecked.

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