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USB FlashVoyager GT USB 3.0 32Go => Not Detected


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I've bought a Corsair Voyager GT USB 3.0 32 Go from Kikatec in UK

(1 x Corsair Flash Voyager GT 32GB USB 3.0 Drive (K254154))


Date was 01/09/2012.


Ever since the USB Stick has been taking ages to copy files, it was slow and took a good 2 minutes to disconnect when you'd press the USB icon on the bottom right.


I've always blamed my DELL USB port USB 3, even though I've updated the software & firmware from the DELL website support, but today I seriously doubt it was the problem.


I've never done anything funny with the USB, just used it for movies, games ISO (thanks to its big capacity!) and been really careful to disconnect it with windows.


But yesterday, while I was copying something rather big (6Go) the process suddenly crash and I haven't been able to detect it ever since.


It is now not detected AT ALL. And the blue LED does not work either, and when it does it stays blue without doing nothing, but even when it's on, there is no drive in my computer.


So far here's what I've tried :


  • I've tried All my USB ports

  • 4 differents computers (3 Windows 64 bits & Windows XP) with no luck.

  • I've tried FDISK : Apart from my 3 drives, the USB is not detected at all.

  • I've tried Windows disk tool : Doest not find it

  • I've tried to plug it on a "USB HUB" powered by an external output : no luck


What can I do ? What model do you reckon it is ? Here is some pictures of the drive.






If that is of any help let me read you the number :

0015875 TAIWAN 1204302427

32G 122909562


thank you very much for your help



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Thank you,


Unfortunately, I do not have the package anymore.

However, I've filled the RMA request and see, thank to the pictures and differents serials numbers, Corsair will be able to retrieve the right model I bought and help me out with my problem.



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