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M90 macros won't let me bind keys


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Hi. Running windows 8, not on usb 3.0, updated to 1.11 FW, and base software.


I just RMA'd previous M90 after it failing to work, and I just got my replacement today. Since then, I updated to Windows 8(fresh install).


Anyways, the software isn't letting me make macros. Whatever key I press in Macro Recording mode, after clicking the button on the GUI I wish to change, the MR mode decides to not do anything after hitting a keyboard key (Razer BW). It apparently registers a key-hit, but it goes back to my mouse one option as if I completed the MR mode. I can assign keys from the pre-made macros though.


Any help?


Nevermind. Hit the macro record button, SELECT which button for a macro, THEN make your record your keysteps.....

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