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Hi Corsair Community,

I have the H100i and am using Corsair SP120 High Performance Fans.


I run three operating systems on this rig : XP, Win 7 & Win 8.


I can only monitor and control fan speed in Win 8. These fans run at 2350rpm out of the box and in Windows 8 I have them at "Quiet Mode" running at about 1900rpm. The whole system is excellent in Win 8.


In XP & Win 7 the fans don't even show on the dashboard.

Any help truly appreciated and yes, I have uninstalled the software, rebooted and reinstalled the software.

I have absolutely no idea what to do next for XP & Win 7. I only put this together yesterday. It is a bit noisy in XP & 7 running at 2350rpm and bearable in Win 8 running at 1900rpm.


I have a pair of Corsair fans SP120 "Quiet Edition" I am going to try which run at 1450rpm out of the box.


By the way, I have fans venting air out through the top of the case.


Any suggestions truly appreciated

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corsair hydro usb version 2.0.0


That's the usb 2.0 interface. Have you a 'Corsair H100i' listed in Devices?


I suspect not. I also feel something else USB is preventing it from installing correctly, maybe a USB hub, or cardreader. Even keyboards and mice cause problems.


Easy answer is to swap your USB devices round until the cooler is recognized.

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@Ripshod have changed to USB 3 header on motherboard everything great thank you very much


Corsair Hydro USB version 2.0.0

Corsair H100i Version 1.0.4 Channel : 1

System Version 2.2.0


Also copied a profile from Windows 8 and put in Windows 7 and XP

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