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CPU temp not showing up in Corsair link


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I wonder if anyone can help me with this.


Ive just installed my H80i, Made sure everything is plugged in, downloaded the latest Corsair Link. Corsair Link is not showing my CPU temp. While the ASROCK software does show a temp (although the temp that it show seems to be very high considering I've just installed water cooling.)


On a side note, AMD overdrive does not show my core temps either so I have no idea where they are at.


currently my CPU (not under load) is said to be 57c (according to the ASROCK software) so I dont know what is going on.


The fans are facing the correct way, The CPU block is nice and tight, pump is working (says 2250RPM)


It would be nice to see the temp in Corsair Link so I know it is correct

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OK, nevermind, disabled core unlocker/equivalent and it shows up now, shows the core temps which looks much better than the other temp


this is good and just another example on how running 2 monitoring programs at the same time can mess with each other.

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