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Broken HS1A.... (A year with corsair products....)


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Around a year ago I decided to build a pc , I researched the items I wanted and bought them all form good online retailers.


My first problem was with the H80 cooler which suffered from the well known grinding noise. The store refunded it and I paid extra to upgrade to the H100 hoping it would be better, the noise from this unit was even worse so again they replaced it with a different one. This third cooler was no better so I took another refund a bought a high end air cooler.

The CPU I had bought was an OEM without a fan so I had to buy a temporary heatsink so I could use the pc while all the exchanges and refunds were being sorted...very annoying...

Second problem was the Corsair GS700 which made very strange noises and after a heated discussion with the online retailer they agreed to refund it. ( This particular retailer have a premium rate uk phone number as their customer support line...... again very annoying and expensive about £20 on my phone bill.


Third problem was the Corsair Vengeance ram I had original planned to use with the H80 wasn't compatible with my new air cooler. Since there was nothing wrong with the ram I couldn't return it so I sold it on ebay trying to get some money back as I had purchased new low profile Vengeance ram... yet again expensive and annoying...

Yesterday my amazingly comfortable Corsair HS1A's broke and while the Corsair online customer service has been very efficient and prompt I have been instructed to send the headphones at my expense to the Netherlands for replacement... again , expensive and very annoying...


The only original items which I bought that have been ok are the Corsair 600t case and the 2*/120gb Force 3 SSD's.


There are a few other corsair items I have thought of getting but I am unsure If I can really justify spending more money with the Corsair. I've spent a lot of extra money simply because I decided to buy Corsair Items.... not cool Corsair, not cool.... :(:

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  • Corsair Employee

I'm sorry to hear about all your issues. We try our best to ensure every product passes our QC and provides a problem-free experience. However, for units that have issues, this is why most of our products carry a warranty that spans at least 2 years to cover these problems. I am glad your retailer was able to assist, but if you have issues in the future, feel free to contact our technical support first so you won't have to spend on long distance calls since our number is free if you use Skype (or you can request us to contact you instead).


As for the memory, I'm sorry to hear it didn't fit but if you had contacted our customer service, I am sure they could have done something to assist rather than selling it on Ebay. As you have experienced yourself, when you finally did contact our customer service, they were able to replace your headset for you. Shipping expenses isn't something we can deal with unfortunately as that is out of our control, but we do cover the shipping to send the item back at our expense and you will get an upgrade from the HS1A to a Vengeance 1300 so it isn't a complete loss to you hopefully.


I am also moving this thread to our customer care as this doesn't really belong on the Audio Forums but please remember that if you have *any* issues, we are here to assist.

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