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TX750 fan making buzzing sound & does not start on power-up


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I too am having issues some other have reported on the TX750 PSU.


Two problems:

  1. During nomal use, the fan tries to turn but seems to be hestating and is making an annoying buzzing sound.
  2. Mine too does not spin-up on power-up (cold or warm)

It was bought back in Nov 2012 (when I bought the rest of the corsair kit).

Notice this back then I think I reported here somwhere but was told TX750 works like fanless mode and this could be normal. At that time it was not an issue. But now the noise is quite noticeable.

Video here (thought he volume is low from my recording via the iPhone.


Should it be returned ?

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Please use the link on the left and request an RMA and let me know the case number as I would like to have that unit tested here


As always, many thanks for your help.

Here is the case number: 5591962.

I am just awaiting the RMA number (and I am sure the process for shipping it to you).


Many thanks.

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I am sorry that your post was over looked I have sent a message to our customer service and they should contact you with in 24-48 Hours.

No problem. Good to see you back here ...we missed you :biggrin:

Thx for your help.


I managed to get through to customer services yesterday and arranged an ARMA (together with the H100i under one number) but not heard anything back back yet.


BTW, the rep suggested/offered that I take the HX750 as it a better PSU but unfortunately that one will not fit my case. Hopefully the replacement TX750 will fix the problem.

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