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Special Edition Graphite Series 600T - Humming/Vibration noise


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HI all,


I have purchased the Corsair Special Edition Graphite Series 600T and everything has been ok, i then noticed a slight humming / vibration noise from the case which is seems to be getting progressively louder. After inspection i found that it is the side panel with window doing it, when i take it off it no longer makes the noise. When i put it back on it does, if I hold the panel and "push" it in it stop, and then when i stop pushing it starts again, it’s like the side panel doesn’t properly fit the case exactly


What do I do here? I’ve only had the case 3 months, is it a side panel i need, or a whole new case?






PS. I’ve tried resetting the side panel numerous times and it always happens.

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Have you checked the screws holding the window are all tightened? Check that it isn't the windows itself vibrating somehow?


You'd probably only need a new side panel to solve this issue too.


What you could try in the meantime, fold a piece of paper up a couple of times to thicken it up, then when you push your side panel shut, slide the piece of paper in just before the catches pop into place. I'm not suggesting this a permanent fix, as yeh, it'd look unsightly, but it may just put a small wedge between your case the the panel vibrating, at least until you get a replacement.

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