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First built, a budget build

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I've always wanted to build a good pc, but never got around to do it, untill i got a pc caist for my birthday back in august.

In september I picked (with some help of some regulars on the IRC network i'm using) and ordered my parts, here's the list:

Intel i5 3570k.

Asrock z77 extreme4

corsair cx600v2

corsair vengeance 2x4gig low profile ram

coolermaster storm scout case

Western Digital Caviar blue 1tb hdd




I didnt order a videocard just yet, because it was supposed to be a budget pc.

after a month or 2, I was sick of the looks of the boxed intel cooler and got myself a H80i, to fit in my tiny storm scout case.




(ignore the wireless card, it's wired now ;) , And ignore the h80i's Y splitter as well :| ) .



As of right now I got a graphics card ordered, but it might take some time before I get it. I'll keep you updated on which one aught my eye ;) .

I will also shoot some better pictures with a real camera when the time has come.

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