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TX 750 Warranty


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Hello all new to the forum.

My question

For christmas I bought a TX 750 for my Daughter...got around to installing it about two weeks ago.

on Tuesday Jan/ 29/2013 the Cpu caught fire...my daughter had went to the store,which is about a block away only to come outside to the sound of Fire trucks racing down the street.

One of the neighbours was on his pourch,kicked open the door and put out said fire. but too late comp fried most of the stuff ruined.

Bottom line Fire inspector said PSU was cause of fire...will corsair do anything bout comp or just repalce said PSU...(she had no apt insurance)


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Just wanted to let you know I appreiciate the quick respond and the damage claim form.Just can't open the claim form in word or note....Is it possible that you send it PDF.

Haven't forgoten you,just been crazy busy at work nad I'm still waiting for the fire report from the manager of the appartment.

Again Thanks for the quick response

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