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Force CS 3 120GB - Intermittent


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Late 2012 I purchased a Force Series GT CSSD-F120GBGT-BK 120GB SATA III SSD and installed it in my desktop PC, however periodically I would get an error upon boot that the hard disk could not be found. I'm in AHCI mode, and I upgraded to the latest firmware (was already on the latest, but I ran the upgrade anyway). Opening the case and unhooking the SATA cable from the back of the drive and plugging it back in solved the issue every time. I upgraded my mobo drivers and flashed to the latest BIOS, that seemed to decrease the non-detection rate; but it could be my imagination since it still happens.


That problem disappears for about 2 weeks and then reappears.


Now I'm getting irregular behavior, the drive will boot to Win7 fine but load times for various apps/games are all rapid one time and slow the next. I ran ATTO a few times and received different results. See attached screenshots from ATTO.


What thinks ye?



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