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[AUS] RMAd Corsair Vengeance 2000 Headset and process has gone completely sideways.

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Hi there to anyone who can help me, I RMA'd a corsair vengeance 2000 headset with a terrible battery life and only outputted stereo sound. This was three weeks ago it was submitted and it was submitted mere days after I bought it.


I RMA'd with the vendor i purchased from, and i was instructed to send it back as it was originally opacked with all accessories included as the supplier of the vendor prefers this method so they can simply swap for a sealed package and minimise the fuss. This was not what happened, it seems that the supplier forwarded the product RMA all the way to corsair, it is unclear whether or not they removed the accessories and only sent the headset for replacement or not then, but it supposedly arrived at corsair at Headset only. So they replaced the headset only and sent it back. the supplier, who is Altech in case i haven't specified this yet, forwarded the headset only in the packaging back to my vendor who called me to go pick it up yesterday.


I arrived to the original box with only the headset piece inside, no cables, no wireless receiver, no manuals, not even a sticker. Altech now has no idea where the rest of my product went and refuses to replace it without authorization from corsair.


This is where my problem lies, I have no other way besides this one forum post of contacting Corsair. There is no australian phone contact, no listed email addresses and the warranty section of your site requires an RMA number to get any form of contact with corsair. I don't have that RMA number because it is Altech who submits that with corsair and guess what, they lost that too.




TL;DR I'm in Australia and how can I contact Corsair, preferably by phone.


I do apologise for any spelling and grammar mistakes, but i'm not exactly typing this slowly, it is also severely disappointing that I, the end user, is the one who has to clean up a mess made by a reputable Vendor, a very reputable supplier and and very very reputable manufacturer such as corsair.


please help me. You're my only hope.






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  • Corsair Employees

Wow I am sorry that you had so much trouble with the reseller and have you tried to contact the reseller and work this out with them?

And you can call our customer service by phone by calling the toll free number listed under contact on our main site using SKYPE and it will be a free call.

But before you do that I would suggest using the link on the left and fill out an RMA request as they will need that before anything can be done to help you.

And you can post the case number and I will be happy to ask them to contact you once you have the RMA conformation.

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