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I've had the Corsair Link w/ cooling + led nodes running in my system for a little while now. Overall I'm happy with the product after having sorted out updating to the most recent software + firmware. A few quirks I've noticed:

1. I have two cooling nodes set up. One node has two Corsair AF 140s and one 120mm fans connected. The other has three SP 120mm fans. Typically I run the fans at the maximum setting. Each fan has a unique maximum and none of these fans has a maximum identical to the listed spec on the fan box.

2. Settings saved to my profile will not be remembered during the initial power on or coming back from sleep. While the desired setting will display as saved, often it will remember a previous saved setting and not correct itself. This is until I manually click on a setting and adjust it.

As an example: I have two separate led chains. If I first set them both to orange and save, get bored, change to purple and save again, then the next time I turn on the PC more often than not one node will be orange and the second purple. Both led chains display with 128 red + 128 blue (purple) in software, but until I click the orange led and adjust the slider slightly to say, 129 red + 128 blue the color will not change. While persistent, this bug does tend to sort itself overtime; seemingly without explanation.

3. Another issue with the led node becomes apparent when attempting to make a custom color like purple. The sliders adjust both brightness and hue simultaneously. Meaning if I wanted purple at 128 red + 128 blue the color would be accurate, but not nearly as visible as if I had selected 128 red + blue slider maxed, compromising color for brightness.

Resulting Questions:

1. Am I overtaxing the cooling nodes with this listed configuration? This is my first experience with a fan controller. If my fans exceed 2000rpm (which the SP 120s do) I don’t much care if they can’t hit 2350rpm. I’m more curious as to the explanation.

2. The saved setting issue is a bug others have experienced from what I’ve read. Not too bothered by it. Curious if a fix is in the works, and/or if there is a trick to getting changed settings, once saved, to stick?

3. How difficult would it be to add an independent brightness/dimmer slider to the led management tab within the Link software? Is this something that is in the works?

Parting thought: If each node can have two channels running simultaneously with a total of 33 connected strips per node, why would the average user buy more than one or two lighting nodes? I know it’s been said before, but we need the ability to buy solely more RGB strips, or an adapter that will enable us to use a third party RGB (if such a thing is feasible).

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