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Need a "How to replace 650D fan switch."


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Hey all, I need a little help here.


I recently bought a system through Digital Storm. After about 9 days of use the fan switch died. (Confirmed) They are sending me a replacement switch that should be here Wednesday.


Would anyone happen to have a video or step by step guide on how to replace it? I'm guessing I'll have to take the top off somehow, but honestly have no idea. I'm pretty much a noob. Hence the reason I bought a pre-built system.


Thanks for any and all help!

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As Toasted said its very easy to remove and replace, just take the front facia/cover off the case, their are 3 clips on each side. You'll need to take both doors off to get at the clips, start at the bottom and press the clips on each side at the same time and apply a bit of pressure towards you at the same time, you should feel them ease out. Then move onto the middle 2 and do the same, then onto the top 2 and do the same.


Its just 2 screws on the under side of the fan controller that you unscrew then you should easily be able to remove it, just shine a torch on there and you will see them.


While your in there you can remove the hotswap cable if you don't plan on using the top hotswap bay, from memery its just 2 or 3 screws to drop the plastic hotswap tray then slide the cable out, the cable doesn't unplug itself as its hard wired, you need to remove the plastic connector that its attached too. It just makes cable management easier, you can go even further buy removing some of the front i/o panel cables by taking that off and removing the ones you don't need.

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Thanks for the reply Josh. The optical drive somehow seems caught up on the front of the case. When I move the case front, the Optical drives comes with it slightly. I have no idea what to do.


Also, the optical drive in mounted right underneath the switch. I hope I don't have to pull that out as well.



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