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HX 750 Gold noise (video!)


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I've read up on the other HX750 noise threads, but i failed to find any videos showing the problem, so i decided to make one.

Problem: When under load (approx 450w/750w) while gaming, the fan spins up really fast and just blows away the noise of the rest of my system.

What were they smoking when they decided to call this thing quiet?!

Filmed it with an iPhone 5, so a bit of background noise from the system (with the fans running at gaming speeds).

And no, the microphone is not aimed at the PSU, it's pointing away from it.

I purchased it earlier today, and i am already considering returning it.

My last PSU (500w) was never even audiable with the same components running under the same load.



Is this considered normal behavior for a Corsair PSU?

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I am not entirely sure whether this is normal behaviour or not as there seems to be some conflicting views on the forum. However, it sounds like something I recently described here which also has reference to another post citing a design issue that has subsequently been fixed: http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showpost.php?p=631402&postcount=16


I have had other Corsair PSUs which do not exhibit the behaviour you describe so I would be inclined to say abnormal but only a Corsair engineer can say for certain.

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Boy i hate to say this, but i really don't see or hear anything wrong with that. It may be louder for you, just because no two people perceive sound the same way.but i had to really turn up my volume to hear it.*shrugs*


I used my iPhone to record this, so the sound level is really low.

It is a lot louder IRL :(

The noise level before it spins up is about how the sound level of the computer with all case fans + cpu and gpu fans spinning at max load is. (that should give it some perspective)

When the PSU fan spins up it doubles the sound level of my whole rig :S

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That's exactly what mine sounds like and from the response from mods in other threads that is completely normal and to be expected. The sound for me, is barely audible over the other fans in the case, but I do hear it.


Doesn't really bother me, it spins up maybe once or twice an hour for about 10 seconds. A little annoying... maybe, but nothing I'm going to get too excited about.

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