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H100 on CM690 Nvidia Edition Standard case


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Hi. I was able to fit the H100i on my CM690 standard case. The only thing is that fixing the radiator on the top was a bit tricky.


I was only able to fix two screws of the radiator, because my motherboard has a heatsink in some capacitors, above the CPU slot. This heatsink blocked the radiator to be placed in the correct position. But even with only two screws the radiator was firmily attached.


But I think the temps are high. My CPU is an i7 920.


At 2.6 GHz, the RealTemp reports 40 on idle and 65 load.


At 3.2 GHz it reports 50 idle and 75 load.


I searched around, and the temps should be around 10 ~ 15 degrees lower. Anyone has suggestions to improve the temps?


below is a picture of my installation.



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Thats right on par with the I-920's I have the same CPU and my temps are comparable but i have a custom loop and at 4.5GHZ my temps are about 41 idle and 80's at full load. The Ixxx series CPU's really heat up fast when overclocked. Before my loop i used an H100 and could only reach 4ghz with temps in the 90's at full load.


You also can not compare your system to any other system out there. Too many variables, ambient temps,MB, fans used, case air flow and so on will all effect your temps. Looking at your case it is pretty cluttered and please don't take that as a "knock" it's not meant to be. Just that it will effect your overall temps too.

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