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AX860i 4-Pin Communication Port Cable Length


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I'm putting together a new system build and had few questions surrounding the length of the 4-pin communication port cable included with the AX860i for Corsair Link functionality. I am planning to use the H100i as my CPU cooling solution and want to connect the AX860i to the second corsair link port on the waterblock. I will be using an ATX Full Tower for my chassis and an E-ATX motherboard.


My questions: How long is the 4-pin cable included with the AX860i? Is it long enough to route behind the case and up and out to the waterblock? Is it long enough to route it behind the E-ATX motherboard itself if it can't reach behind the case? Lastly, if it isn't long enough can I purchase an extension (official or otherwise) for the cable?


I'm already purchasing extensions for the PSU (USB header extension for the H100i, CPU 8-pin, Motherboard, etc) so I'm fine doing that.


Just want to know what to expect and what my options are.


Thanks for any help!

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Thanks for the reply! I sort of want to see how the Corsair Link software works before investing further into the platform so I can deal with not having full readings. I only have two USB 2.0 headers on my motherboard and I want to use one for the front panel so I'm sort of stuck unless I get some kind of internal USB hub and plug that into the second header. That seems like more hassle than it's worth to me but maybe not?


If I like it I'll spring for a more full Corsair Link setup and get the full readings then.


Edit: Actually it looks like it's only about $20 USD for an internal USB 2.0 header expansion. Hmm. I might just go this way!

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