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I have a CML32GX3M4A1600C10 32GB (4x8GB) kit of which one of the four sticks are faulty. I have confirmed this using memtest86.


I used the tech support form but found that my module isn't listed so I had to pick the closest other module to get to the next step in the form. This means that when it told me to RMA it is was for the wrong model.


I am aware that it is recommended that sticks are sent back in the full sets they were bought but since I have three out of four working modules I am reluctant to send all four sticks back and risk one or more the three working ones being sent back faulty. Sending all four back would also result in me not being able to use my computer while I am waiting for the replacement.


Why is it recommended that sticks are sent back in their sets? What are the risks/consequences of only replacing one stick in a set?


What should I do about the RMA for the wrong model?

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