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H100i installation feedback


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On a brand new build (see specs) I installed the H100i (purchased from Newegg last week)


Daisey-chained to the AX860i PSU (psu -> h100i -> usb; no dongle)


So far I haven't even installed the OS, just played around with the Intel BIOS


No overclocking, video and sound cards not installed, using MB to start with


Intel BIOS reports CPU temp is 46C, Ambient (wall thermometer) is 24C; case side is open, Pump LED is slowly blinking red (whatever that means)


H100i installed on top of Cm Storm Stryker case, fans pulling air from outside.




Overall I like the product. It feels solid and the packaging was good


What I wish:

1. Label the fans for direction and airflow. I oriented both fans the same way (according to many of pictures online) and they happened to pull air into the case from outside. ::shrug:: We'll see how this works once I install those honkin' huge video cards.


2. For the mounting screws, the included screws have a round top (domed or pan head). As a result the top air filter will no longer fit the case. A minor point, true; but I am now off to the hardware store to get flat head (counter sunk) screws.


3. Add about 1 inch (2.5 cm) to the length of the fan power cable (I had to buy an extension cable)


4. Add about 3 inches (7.5cm) to the length of the pump power (sata) cable (again I had to buy an extension cable) even to get the cable to reach the edge of the MB, much less go through the cutout to the other side


5. Better included instructions for connecting the various "i" series items together. For example, on the corsair website I see that even the ram sticks have a corsair link connection. If I were to buy them, how would I Daisey-chain those sticks to the H100i and to the AX860i? Or even to each other?


That's it for now. Like I said overall I like it. I'll post more as it goes.



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Update: it appears that the fans are mounted to exhaust air from the case. So far so good.


Now just to figure out:


1) why corsair link shows no cpu temp

2) whether I should update the firmware in my H100i (corsair link shows version 1.0.0)


Anyone with an idea as to why #1 and if I should on #2?

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1. Latest BIOS?

Have you tried reinstalling the software?

Make sure the CPU thermal monitor is not disabled in the BIOS.

Have you tried reinstalling the software?

Have you tried an older version of the software?


2. If you are referring to FW 1.04. No, do not update the firmware as it may brick your device.

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Thanks Toasted.


I had already decided NOT to flash the bios until tech support told me otherwise.


As for the temps, I just ran CL and the temps were there. The only thing I can think of is that I just installed visual studio 2010. Probably one of the dlls needed to be updated. ::shrug::


Thanks again - cpu temps are 32C according to CL

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