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Case #5522209 -speedcontrol fan 600T


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Something wrong with your service or i don't understand everything ?


i submit my problem with my speedcontrol fan for my case 600T...received an RMA and an email talking about there is no necessity to send the defect part to you ..just reply to a guy harodn@corsair.....my rma was made 18-01-13...and i received no news since this date...my RMA status was always waiting defect part...and today 03-02-13....the RMa is no longer valid or something like that.....


what i have to do to have this part ?...my case iss all open and i need this part to reintall it...


Help me please...no answer at all email sent to haroldn...customer service, etc...:(


Sory for my bad english i'm french from Canada

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