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Slow speeds with Corsair Force 3 ssd

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Hey folks. I'm a little stumped here and don't know where else to turn!


I have the Corsair Force 3 120gb ssd as a primary drive. Using a gigabyte 990fx board; the drive is connected to a sata3 port (not the gsata provided by Gigabyte). I've partitioned the drive giving 85gb for Windows 7 pro x64 and the rest for Linux.


AS SSD benchmarking tool provides the following:




I'm pretty sure I'm right in thinking these speeds are low?


I've performed a secure erase of the drive, sata chip is running in AHCI mode (enabled in bios and the registries have been checked) The motherboard ahci drivers were also pre-installed during Window installation. The drive has been flashed to the latest firmware 5.03. I have tried amd_sata & msachi drivers. The alignment was off for the partitions which I've sorted using gparted, no difference.


My system is fully updated in terms of system drivers and bios version.


Is there something I'm missing here?


Any thoughts on the matter will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for your time, Nick.

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