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Neutron GTX 480 GB - "2100:Detection Error on HDD0 (Main HDD)" error


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A few weeks ago i purchased a 480GB version of the Corsair Neutron GTX SSD for my Lenovo Thinkpad X220 notebook. My X220 already had a 7mm 256gb SSD (different brand) which i had no issues with but wanted higher capacity. The Neutron GTX works fine most of the time but every few days i get a black screen with "2100: Detection Error on HDD0 (Main HDD)" message. If i remove/re-insert the battery the notebook boots up normally and works fine...until a few days later when this problem occurs again.


I am using the thinkpad in AHCI mode, all drivers are up to date, i have formatted the SSD and re-installed Win 7, i have disconnected and reconnected the SSD but this problem still occurs. Does this mean the SSD is faulty and should be RMA'd? Just to re-iterate: this issue did NOT exist with my previous non-Corsair SSD.



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I think i've managed to pinpoint the cause of the detection error...it was the Intel Proset software for my Intel N6300 wifi card which i downloaded/installed through Lenovo update. I uninstalled this, then installed the wireless driver only for my card through Intel's website and surprise surprise i no longer get the 2100:detection error. So it appears there was nothing wrong with the Neutron GTX after all :)


One question re: the size of the 480GB Neutron GTX: i read somewhere that the true size of this SSD is 512gb but the 32gb is used for the disk's "internal operations" so the user only has 480gb or so to use. Does this mean that over-provisioning is already built-in and you don't need to keep aside the 10% recommended for OP?

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