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H60 CPU running at 87 Deg C


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I am running a H60, Asus P8P67, I7 in a Corsair Graphite 600T

The rig is 2 years old and recently the temperature has started to increase, up into the 80's (Degrees celsius).


I am not overclocking


Today I stripped the rig down,

defluffed all the filters

Removed / repasted and reseated the heatsink/pump unit back onto the cpu


I can feel the vibrations from the pump

The pump is connected to the PWR Fan

The Radiator fan is connected to the CPU Fan

I have hottish water running into one side of the rad, the other side is cool


Current readings given by Asus monitor are

I'm stress testing the cpu at 100%

CPU: 85 Deg C

CPU Fan: 1788 RPM

Power fan: 4455 rpm



I currently have the rad fan pulling air in from the outside and then a 120mm fan extracting the air from within the case


I tried it the other way around too.


If anything, what could I be doing wrong

or does this look like I need an RMA ?

Any help would be appreciated

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