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Vengeance 2000 cracked again


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mid january I got a new headset back from being RMA'd and already after 2-3 weeks of use I see hairline cracks on both cups in the same spot again.


I really do enjoy your headphone, I love the sound I love everything about it and I have been struggling to put a good word in for this headset on the linus tech tips forums but I don't think I can anymore.


I can't afford to use this if I have to spend $20 every month because it breaks down all the time.


will update with RMA # after I receive one.


what are my options, I don't have faith that the next one you send me will last at all.

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since January my raiding guild has been going through restructuring so I haven't been putting the headset through heavy use and knowing about the cracking issue I've been trying not to stretch these apart too much.

I take care of my equipment, I've had my audio technica and akg headphones for 3 years


I do wear these at the maximum extended length and lay them flat when not in use. I'm shocked that these broke so quickly especially with me knowing about the issue and using them accordingly


Case #5579639

edit I can keep the earcups but what else can I keep?

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