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Corsair PSU purchase hesitation


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Hello everybody.


I'm in the process of buying a new Corsair PSU. I've narrowed it down to a few that will suit my needs. Two of them are good (all of them Bronze or Silver certified) but I really , really , REALLY fell in love with the GS series. :loveeyes: So I've looked it up and I also saw there are both 700 and 800Watts GS Series which is good because I am somewhere in between.


The problem came when I started googling around for reviews , issues etc. Looks like the GS X00 (where "X" either 7 or 8) come all with the same issue with the jitting noise and the chirping fan who occasionally stops after some minutes.

A characteristic example is this video.

Afterwards I also saw that there is a third brand of GS X00 that is called '2013 Edition'.


So all in all I am a bit confused about this PSU. I don't want to buy something and having to deal with RMA in a couple of days after the purchase. Given the above facts I am led to the conclusion that most batches of the GS series have this kind of issue. On the other hand the fact that there is a "2013 Edition" makes me wonder if it's a "corrected" line of GS PSUs that was meant to make up for the previous faulty ones.

In you experience what would you do if you were me? Would you risk it? Or would you go for the TX750 v2 for which I have found much less issues while looking online.


I'm sorry if this post was tiresome. Best regards. ;):

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Mr element, that issue was addressed and changed. Hence the GS series 2013 editions! :)

which have very few complaints.

Besides Corsair sells upwards of 100,000 PSU's monthly, so even if you took all the reviews you can find that were less than stellar the chances of you getting a PSU that has any of those issues is quite low.

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No problem, people just have to remember that in today's world with the internet and social media it sure does make things seem worse than it actually is. even if you saw 1000 complaints you have to also take into consideration these are coming from all across the world.


Kind of gives the a whole new meaning of "it's a small world after all"



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