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H100i + Windows 8 + can not control FAN speed...


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I am using the Corsair Link 2.2.0 (System Version)


The fan speeds reported:

- Fan #1 - 895 RPM

- Fan #2 - 2192 RPM (?)

- H100i Pump - 1798


Temperatures reported:

- Drive #1 - 23 degrees C

- Drive #2 - 123 degrees C (?)



I can not control fan speed... I can change settings but fan speed does not change. Also is the HDD #2 temperature can not be accurate...


The cooler (fans and/or pump) is loud.


Any advice?

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Delete the profiles folder and sierra2_ui.cfg from %Appdata%/Corsair and restart the software. Does the software still detect two H100i installed?

The Drive #2 temp is the S.M.A.R.T. value not the actual temp.


note the software does not officially support Windows 8.

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