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The Generally Defective GS500/GS600


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I joined up to the forum as I am a corsair fan, Ilove their ram in particular - however I will be requesting yet another rma for a gs600

This will be the fouth:mad:

2 for a previous client who I thought was just unlucky and now myself - the next psu will be my third one. The first one blew after 3 days and the replacement is making an absolutely ridiculous noise. It is apparent from this forum and other site that this a general issue. I have waste so much time fitting these products into machines now that I have been totally put off using anything corsair.

To say that I am horrified by the product Corsair is putting out there is an understatement - this psu is obviously defective from inception and production. I have reached this conclusion again by simply googling.

The amount of people identifying this exact model as having a whining fan from the beginning makes it clear that this product is built extremly poorly.

Please god corsair fix this issue once and for all. Where is your quality control. How can these things make it out of your factory.

I'm extremly annoyed.

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Sorry to hear that but were you getting your replacemenst from your the re seller or directly from us? I'd suggest that if you have multiple replacement for the unit, submit an RMA and let us take care of it.
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