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Vengeance 2000 issues


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I got some issues with my headset. When I turn my headset on I can hear myself talking, windows finds it but won't "hear" me. If I use the windows sound recorder it freezes for a while then claims that "An audio recording device can not be found". No one can hear me on either mumble or skype.


If I uninstall or install the drivers I sometimes randomly get the microphone working. When this happens I can still hear myself talking in the headset and people can hear me on VoIP programs but I can't hear any sound except me. Spotify won't even start playing songs and claims there's no audio device. Restarting the headset will most of the time make the sound work but loses the mic again.


I always get some distorted irritating sound for 20 seconds after a sound has been played. Some programs needs to be muted in windows or the sound is permanent.


It's been like this out of the box and I've tried it on an another computer with the same results.


How do I fix this?

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