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Corsair H110 in 650D


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Has anyone tried the 140mm Bitfenix Spectre Pro in Push? They look good on paper...



Has anyone got the details of the standard fans included with the H110... What are the specs?


If you use the standard setup in a 650D like Corsair say then surely having a H110 pulling air in to the case and your left with one 120mm fan as an exhaust..... Has anyone had any issues with parts of the motherboard overheating etc... Even with the 200mm pulling air in from the front it doesn't leave much to get all the hot air out!


I seen the pic where you cut away some of the hot swap bay so you can mount the rad/fans in push, do you have any other pics so I can see exactly how you did this please?


Is there any actual difference in the real world doing it pull or push.......

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Has anyone tried if it would fit if you mount it as push-pull configuration, but use 12mm thick fans as pull (Slip Stream Slim for example)?


I had the H100, but "upgraded" to H220, which yet doesn't work...second RMA coming up. Thinking about going with H110.


I am trying to push the overclock on my 3960X and I have the 650D (for now). Would H110 as pull be better than H100 as push? I don't see push as intake as an option since then I only have 1x120mm as exhaust! :D

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Can someone summarise this thread in brief.


Will the H110 go in a 650D ? I don't use the hot swap bay, that's been removed from my case. Can you get this H110 into the case with a push config without any mods ?


While i'm here, how does the H105 compare to the H110 ? Will the H10f go straight into a 650D with a push config, will their be enough room to get the fans in once the rad has been installed ?

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