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CM2X1024-8500CMD problems


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Well this is my first post and i need your help guys!

First of all i bought a pair of these corsairs back in 2008, this was 1GBX1GB sticks ver.4.3 and then i bought another 1GBX1GB ver.5.1(4X1GB installed)

The problem started after a year of buying the other pair of sticks. This actually means there are times my PC wont start up, unless i take out at least 2 rams but sometimes 3 sticks of ram from my memory slots.

My timings are set on AUTO in the motherboard bios(asus m2n-e). This motherboard can only provide 1.95V at maximum and can only run at 800Mhz.

My question is that is it a problem now? Im asking because it was running flawlessly with the 2 sticks until I installed the new ones and it started not booting up at some points(but only after a year or so after the second pairs installed). If its a problem, then could you please provide some detailed information about the memory timings runing stable at 1.80-1.95V?

Or maybe i should ditch the whole thing and forget running these sticks stable at lower voltages....and buy a new computer maybe?:D



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Tom we don't recommend mixing memory since each kit could contain different IC's in the modules. What you want to do is test each kit individually to see if its a compatibility issue or a bad module. To do so, download memtest86 (http://www.memtest.org) and test each pair by itself through 3 passes. If both kits pass, then test one module in each DIMM slot to ensure its not a DIMM failure. This will help you isolate the issue to the module or if its a motherboard issue.
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