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Laughs aside, I like Corsair products. I'm new to the forum and read through all the rules (hopefully) and was wondering about Corsair deals.


I've been saving up to build my first personal tower (first that will be for me anyways) and I wanted to stock it full of Corsair products. Memory, case, power supply, case fans, closed loop CPU cooler, and even game peripherals (mouse, mechanical keyboard, and wireless mic/headset).


Is there any deals that anyone knows about for these products such as bundle deals (for buying into a single brand) or combos with certain items? Since it's my first build I'm not planning to go wild/super expensive. The only requirements I'd have are: at least 1866 8GB memory, full modular PSU up to 600-750W (best value for watts i.e price/watts), non massive tower (might run with mATX board), and closed CPU cooler with standard radiator (not the gigantic 240mm because it would be overkill :p:)


I know quality comes at a price, but I also know (from friends and some products I have) that Corsair is solid for both entry level parts as well as extreme enthusiasts. That's why I'd like the lowest/best value I can get. I don't mind spending a little more, but it would have to be justified because the more I save, the more room for upgrades I have in the future. This build will be running an i7-3770k and a GTX 670 or 680 (if I find a good enough deals here!!)


Thanks so much! Also, hello community. :D:

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