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I had a couple of questions regarding my PSU, here are my specs:

Core i5 3570K


G.Skilll Ripjaws 8GB

Corsair TX650m PSU

EVGA GTX 660 FTW Signature 2

MSI z77a-G45 motherboard


Nothing in my system is overclocked (other than the fact that the EVGA card is factory OC'd, but I haven't done anything on top of that).


My PSU has a Zero-RPM feature, meaning supposedly it only spins when under sufficient load. The only time I see it spin is maybe for ~ 10 seconds when I first turn on the computer (I guess during bootup the fan spins and then slows down until it comes to a halt). Even when I'm running stress tests (like Prime95 or the Unigine Heaven benchmark), the PSU fan isn't spinning... is this normal? Perhaps the load isn't high enough? Also, it makes a weird noise when it spins during bootup, I took a video (I just turned on the computer and you can see the fan spins down toward the end): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ICQmy6aYJ0&feature=youtu.be.

Is this normal? It can get somewhat annoying. Thank you for your help!

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Thank you very much for your help! I have received the new PSU, and it no longer makes the noise in the video. However, I think the new PSU is doing something strange (although I guess it could be normal... not sure).

My scenario is the following. When I'm in Windows and choose to shut down my PC, and then I push the power button on my case (say within a second after the computer powers off), my PC does not turn on again right away. Instead, I have to wait several seconds (maybe 5-7 seconds or so) and then the PC turns itself on (without me pushing the power button again). If I RESTART the PC from within Windows, everything is fine. Is this normal behavior?

One more clarification: if I shut down my computer and let a safe amount of time pass after everything powers down (say 10 seconds), pushing the power button on the case turns the computer on right away. Thank you everyone for your help.

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Actually, when I plugged in the old PSU (the one that made noise), it also started to exhibit this behavior... really strange, because before it didn't used to have this delay issue. Also, when I power up the computer, I cannot turn it off right away by hitting the power button again (if I push it nothing happens... I have to wait a couple of seconds). Any thoughts? Again, thank you for your help!
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