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HX1000W - Beeping?


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I've just rebuilt my media storage "server" (windows 8 right now) and I have an HX1000W installed with an MSI ZZ7A-GD55 mobo and 15 internal drives. Every now and then I get a load beeping which appears to be from the PSU--at least I can't identify it as coming from the mobo or anywhere else inside the case. I can find nothing in the documentation for the HX1000, and haven't seen anything in the forums either, so I'm a little stumped as to if the beeping is actually coming from the PSU or if I need to dig deeper into a motherboard issue.


Other pertinent info--I'm using the on-board video on the motherboard, so no GPU's in the equation. 4 drives go straight into the SATA ports on the mobo, the other 11 into two different RocketRaid SATA cards. Power to the drives is split fairly evenly on 4 cables.


Any thoughts?

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